Seminario Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour

Data dell'evento: 
Mon 20/01/2014 ore 15:00

da Elisa Prato:

Lunedì 20 Gennaio 2014 alle ore 15
presso la Sala Conferenze Tricerri

il Professor Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour del CNRS (LATP, Aix-Marseille)
terrà un seminario dal titolo

Moment Maps in Diffeology

Abstract: I shall talk about a generalization of the "Moment Maps" to the category
Diffeology. This construction applies to any smooth action of a diffeological group $G$
preserving a closed 2-form $\omega$ defined on a diffeological space $X$. In particular,
that reveals a legit universal moment map $\mu_\omega$, associated to the action of the
whole group of automorphisms $\Diff(X, \omega)$. One of the originalities of the
diffeological approach is that it avoids any reference to Lie algebra or any notion of
vector fields but involves immediately the space of momenta of a diffeological group $G$,
that is, the space ${\mathcal G}^*$ of left-invariant 1-forms on $G$. I will try to
illustrate this construction with rigorous examples inspired by mathematical folklore.

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