Seminario Kangjin Han

Data dell'evento: 
Mon 09/09/2013 ore 15:00

Kangjin Han (KIAS, Seoul) terrà un seminario Lunedì 9 Settembre alle 15.00 in sala Tricerri su

Projection method in syzygies and geometry.

Abstract : As a general hyperplane section method has done, a generic projection method has also provided useful ways to treat many problem in algebraic geometry. In this talk we will consider how these generic projection methods can be used to study on properties of projective algebraic varieties, especially on those which are related to the syzygies of the varieties in their embeddings (e.g. graded Betti number, depth, Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity, shapes of Betti tables, higher order normality, etc).

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